Artificial Girl 3

Artificial Girl 3 is a "dating sim" game, in which the player's goal is to successfully seduce a young girl on a beautiful island. The difference between this game and other games of the same kind lies mostly in the player's ability to customize the 3D model of the girl. It is possible to change her hair style, clothes, size of the breasts, etc. The island itself contains several different locations, such as, naturally, a beach, a school building, and even a dungeon. You travel around with the girl, talk to her her, and make progress depending on your choices. You can try and initiate an interactive sex scene in different locations. The scenes will vary depending on the location you chose; also, the position in which you'll have sex will be different depending on whether you were facing the girl or not at the exact moment you made your move. During the scene, you'll have to undress the girl and caress her in order to properly stimulate her for making love. There is no background story in the game, and it focuses entirely on seducing the nameless young girl.

1000 MB



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